Marianne Moore

by Tom Snarsky

The knight asks, stellarly, if he can
Cleave gulls into nü shapes
W/which to pepper our cracked sky like

Mastodon on vinyl, or maybe aging
Into a mirror made of teenagers. I flaw
Whilst winsome and make breakfast

My priority, flowing down the river
Of the average workday *completely*
Unafraid; listen for speeches,

They’re how you know a character
Is in love. If you notice the actor
Making choices that’s because we

Needed that model of how to take
A snowflake on your tongue and
Shepherd it fully to meltdown. It is

Thine, the Renaissance painting of changing
My mind, and it predates the invention
Of chiaroscuro by ~ -500 years.


Tom Snarsky is a math teacher who writes poems. His book Light-Up Swan is now available from Ornithopter Press