Line of Sight

by Ginger K. Hintz

Will the past be unobstructed
when the observed become intervisible narrators?

Culture is cancelled. Culture has been cancelled.
Only blue this morning.

The cat’s fur fades in the summer light.
Time [redacted].

We remain virtual until we go outside.
Hashtag: nature, grass, sky

Ginger K. Hintz, originally from South Dakota, eventually found her way to Oakland, CA. She is a self-taught poet and independent scholar with a day job. She has an MA in American Cultural Studies. Find Ginger at 

Publications include Friends of William Stafford Journal, Bluestockings Magazine, Q/A Poetry. She was a finalist for the 2021 Stephen A DiBiase Poetry Prize and semifinalist for the 2021 Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize.