Owls in Stereo

Owls on either side of the house
in the coolest hour of a summer night

                                         when I wake to bend and draw
                                         up the sheet at the foot of the bed—

relay, pause, relay, then move on a little
further. I track them, one with each ear,

                                         owls in stereo, and then follow
                                         the zippering rasp of their fledglings

into the same dark, branch by branch.
I wait until the air has stilled once more

                                         before stretching, elbows pointed
                                         away from my ribs, letting a small

sigh that won’t wake you escape, and wonder
what on Earth I would ever do without you.


Michael Metivier (he/him) is a writer, editor, and musician living in Vermont. His work has appeared in EcoTheo ReviewLAABjubilatCrazyhorse, and African American Review, among other journals, and is forthcoming in Bennington Review and Northern Woodlands.