Strewn in Sabbath light.
Sullied by desire.

God, cull me holy.
Myrrh me, shin and tabernacle.

I have begun wanting
the silver spile of moon-rivers.

Broach the night’s breath unto me;
I want the Nile of everything.

            A basket of Moses.
Wrapped and unwrapped into prophet.

           Sea that sears me till Sinai
and back,       lapping at my limbed shore.

                                     I am so stupidly human.

         Heart that stuns itself
         at the enormity of all that isn’t.

Worn by my own will to flock
toward each morning-door that creaks.
Each boulder, thinking it is you.

Seamed back in
                                       a sac
                          a shriek
                                                until skin again.

God, molt and melt me to manna.
Render me crescent,
let me snow in.

Letitia Jiju is from Kerala, India. Her poems have appeared in Indian Ruminations, Emirates Literature Festival and are forthcoming in an anthology by the Poetryhood. She was the second runner-up at the 2018 Taleem Awards. You can find her on Twitter/Instagram at @eaturlettuce.