there’s no such thing as a quiet explosion

as us. even the sunset aims - and shoots its bullet right 
through the heart - i would have held it - held

you, if only the sound was small enough
for the two of us, and created its own paradise with

the whispers of a god. instead we did hear,
in fact, clear as the sun with a gun

of marble, pillars of powdered calcite
under our fingers. the sky is purple with blood. we are still

dancing, still guilty of demanding to be seen - the things
i would do to keep your smile. we look up

                                         and the moon is in pieces.

Siena Ho Shun Yi (she/her) is a writer from Hong Kong and Malaysia. Her favourite word is pretty and her favourite things are pretty things (words remain the prettiest). In her natural habitat, Siena can be found watching anime or bothering her friends, and she would like to bother you on Twitter @sienasyed.