Earthlight Dispositions

Rain just gone, the warm
sun warms the soil.

A far off bloom of
city lights blues the sky,
a world wiped empty.

The grass is haunted
by the blue,

A placid dimension
of listing coral
as through goggles,

Submerged contour,
endless shivering vista,

Our tiny plot, this,
this the sprawling
daylight’s secret,

Winking whisper
of the midday moon,

And I will be here
every night

To see it
come and gone.

Jesse Miksic (he/him) is a graphic designer and writer living in the
suburbs of Philadelphia. He spends his life writing poetry, ruminating
over pop culture, and having adventures with his wonderful wife, kids,
and dog.  Recent placements include Punk Noir Magazine, Drunk Monkeys,
and Green Ink Poetry. His work and musings can be found at @miksimum on
Twitter and Instagram, or