A monk turned so still 
that those behind him,
who sat, stood and slept
overtook him, and creepers
with blue, white and purple flowers
started crawling over him,

the finest portrayal for me
of restfulness.

Locked down in my house
the way turtle is in its shell,
rather a corpse in the coffin,
I brood if confinement would free us.

A moment of peace
in this raging city, which is calm now,
as the wilderness slowly reclaims—
a rock python enters the office space
and spotted deer graze on unruly lawns,
the world has slowed down
but we refuse to rest.

Debasis Tripathy was born in Odisha, India. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Decomp, UCity Review, Rogue Agent, Leon Lit, Vayavya, Mantle Poetry, and elsewhere. He lives in Bangalore.