our language of accidents

i misspell angel & call you
my angle. both are true.
you, the bright space between
lines that leads to where we meet,
my intersection of light beams.
i never know which direction
we gleam, but whenever i speak,
i am speaking towards your shine—
my phone capitalizes your whole
name, recognizes love before i do.
my bigtall love growing
beyond my toes! a trombone
brassing out my mouth!
i’m bringing the whole band
& blasting piano keys:
what a fortune, to write
in your lifetime,
to adore each note & ring.
autocorrect changes i love you
to i live you. a supreme truth.
i live your presence, your absence.
at death, your ghost, its long prints
of moans.
i live you i live you i live you
in every shape of home.
my angle. i live you.
backwards & forwards, forested
& open-fielded, with all my fingers & throat.

Samantha Fain is a writer from Indiana. Her first chapbook, “Coughing Up Planets,” debuted with Vegetarian Alcoholic Press in March, and her microchap “sad horse music” debuted with The Daily Drunk in May. Her work has appeared in The Indianapolis Review, SWWIM, 8 Poems, and othersShe tweets at @smnthfn. Find her at samanthafain.com