The Kink Issue

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It is Moist Poetry Journal’s pleasure to issue a call for poems specifically from the queer and femme community on the (broadly construed!) subject of KINK for a sparkling special issue. As always, Moist is a place for queer play, and we want to encourage the soft, wet, daringly, sexy poems!

The editors of this special issue (Alexandria Barbera, Exodus Brownlow, Kim Sousa, and Han VanderHart) would like to stress that communication and consent are essential elements to kink! One might even argue that S/M is the model sexual relationship, as expectations and boundaries are clearly defined and agreed upon prior to engaging in intimacy.

Special topics of interest to our editorial team include (and please insert the adjectives “QUEER OR FEMME” before each):

·   autoeroticism (specifically this language!)

·   erotic art ekphrasis (sculpture, paintings, WEAVINGS!)

·   harnesses/body wear/kink clothes

·   sex toys

·   first times/beginnings (!!)

·   the intimacy of open humor within intimacy

·   the unexpected

·    exhibitionism

·    voyeurism

·    food/edibles

How to submit: send 1-3 poems to with the subject line: KINK ISSUE. You may specify an editor you’d like especially to read your work in the subject line as well–just drop our first name there for example: KINK ISSUE: Exodus.

Submission window open until February 4, Friday, at midnight ET.

Simultaneous subs are welcome! Please only send previously unpublished poems.

Please Note: For our pleasure, we are not considering poems from the perspective of the straight male gaze.

Please Note: TRANSPHOBIC, RACIST, or ABLEIST language or poems will not be tolerated, and will receive (or not) a response at the editor’s discretion.

For those unfamiliar with kink, here is a short overview article: “What Does Kink Even Mean?”