creation truths

1. they did not tell us the story of when adam was eve and eve was adam and neither were neither; nor did they tell us the story of when god tore eve apart, bone from bone skin from skin, made her watch as she was disassembled to make her opposite, and then the space where she had been 					was handed back her rib, as if to say it was somehow unsatisfactory; nor the story where god started all over and this time made eve suck adam dry and eat up the leftovers, as if to say, this is all you’ll be ever good for; nor the story where god had adam and eve scrawl the words man and woman into their bodies a million times as if to convince themselves that it meant anything at all; nor did you hear the one where they’re still etching it into their skin, licking up the blood as it pools, adam draining eve dry as a bone this time around as if to say — I’m sorry — as they slowly, painfully, joyfully, merge into one, bathe in sweetwater, and live out their days in a garden like none other

2. but we search for pleasure and redemption hand in hand
the apple the pomegranate why are we all so obsessed 
with the past, the big nostalgia, the mistake that eclipsed all
others. no one else was there when persephone bit into blood
orange, swallowed seed, no one knows whether or not they caught in her teeth, 
whether she spit them out before we were condemned
to the cold of winter. no one knows for certain whether the gates of hell
are surrounded by a grove of lush trees, danced into soil by her bare feet
pushing life into earth as she faced death. juice on fingertips on tongue on toes


Gaby Benitez (she/her/ella), is a queer, Xicanx writer in her quarter-life-crisis living in her evergentrifying hometown of Austin, TX. She writes to make sense of her experience living in this tumultuous world, to make sense of the ways we relate to others, the earth, the cycles of life and death. Much of her writing is through the lens of the body as a borderlands, meeting place, and interdimensional highway for these pathways of connection. She is obsessed with watersheds, and water, and the flicker of sunlight on its surface, and with the way the elements tie us all together across space and time and universe. Would have coffee and sweet plantains for every meal if given the option. Gaby’s poems can be found in Wussy Mag, Peach Fuzz, Dinnerbell Mag, Stoneofmadness Press, and other scattered places. Follow her on instagram @gabriellebenitez or twitter @gaygardengoth