from the Latin biber

beer this verb to be with an aftertaste
            bitterness my father said
            you gotta learn how to love
            same as coffee no one likes
            at first he thus expounded
I nodded never telling that Nonô

who was Lebanese in all ways that mattered
            had been making us café
            for years I can still smell
            Grammy’s chocolate-coffee cake
            by which I mean not the shape
of said cake but its contents soaked into

Brazilian coffee & cocoa equal parts
            I still hate beer it makes me
            think too much of everything
            I don’t miss about Brazil
            the aftertaste every time
I answer where’s your accent from & bubbles

from some foam from some ocean I still miss
            rush up crushing leave me flat
            an unwanted afteraccent
            whereas coffee accelerating
            & waning thru my veins
has made me feel the tides within the tides


Carlos A. Pittella is a Latinx poet, an accumulator of accents, a pile of expired passports. Having lived in Brazil, Portugal, & the US, he now studies creative writing at Concordia University, Canada. His poems have appeared in TintFeral, & the VS Podcast. Tweet hi @metaferal